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Re-imagining alternative protein to expand health in a non processed and affordable manner.

Our team:



Jasmin Ravid

B.Sc. in Nutritial ScienceS (Hebrew U).

Jasmin is currently finishing her Ph.D in plant sciences (Hebrew U).


Dr. Daria Feldman

Ph.D in Microbiology (Hebrew U). Daria researched fungal growth and development in the last 9 years.


Director of application

Hadar Shohat

B.Sc. in Food Technology (Hebrew U).

Hadar has 13 years of experience in the IDF at various managing positions.

We have a sustainable and ecologically friendly growing system, with which we can produce a variety of high-end tasty products.

We address the demands of the fastest growing markets of flexitarians and vegan/vegetarian looking for a food with high nutritional values.

All our products are allergen-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and non-GMO.


from our kitchen

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Founded with the assistance of FaculTech Venture Creation Studio


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